Treasures of life

At Seashells Nursery, we believe children are treasures of life, and that is the corner stone of our philosophy.

The Treasured Children:

Like Seashells, we believe that children are beautiful, unique, delicate and a true treasure of life. Through play and fun activities, in our safe and well supervised environment, we strive to nurture and develop every “treasure” to its fullest. The children’s growth is supported socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Learning through play is encouraged by the children making choices, creating, improvising and communicating.

Treasured Parents:

Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators and it is through our partnership that we can build on the children’s development. All parents are made to feel welcome, valued and necessary through a range of opportunities for collaboration. We have an open door policy and encourage regular communication between teachers and parents.

Staff Treasures:

The Seashells Nursery staff is an enthusiastic, well experienced, qualified and motivated team. All classes have a teacher and teacher’s assistant, our nurse is on duty at all time and there is a fully equipped nurse’s clinic, approved by the department of health.

The afterschool activities are provided by UAE licensed and trained coaches or teachers.

Globalization as a Treasure

As our world becomes ‘smaller’ and our lives are globally influenced, educators must prepare the future generation to be world citizens. With this in mind, Seashells Nursery offers 4 languages as an afterschool activity: Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish and French. All teachers are qualified and experienced in working with our age group, so that the learning happens through play and practical life examples.

Treasuring our Environment:

Providing a healthy environment at the nursery is essential. Healthy habits are encouraged on a daily basis, as well as some strict policies which ensure a clean and green atmosphere. Proper handwashing techniques and a thorough nurse policy ensures that we maintain healthy classrooms. The children are proud to bring in only healthy snacks, and daily exercise is scheduled in for all the children. Seashells nursery is working towards running the facility in an environmentally friendly manner. For example, we use “green” cleaning products to offer the children a chemical free environment. In addition, the children at the nursery are encouraged to make Greener choices on a daily basis.

Seashells nursery is often referred to as one of the best nurseries in Dubai.