Activities and Facilities

Seashells Nursery accepts children starting at the age of 15months old (and walking).
Children that join our pre-KG/FS1 classes need to be 3 years old by September 1st of that academic year.
The class sizes depend on the age of the children, and is what makes Seashells Nursery one of the best nurseries in Dubai. Class size ranges from 9-12 students with 3 staff for the youngest age group, and up to 15 students with 2 staff for the eldest age group.
Our curriculum is EYFS inspired, internationally influenced, play based and is taught via monthly themes. The day is scheduled in 30minute sessions, which allows for a variety of activities each day.
In addition to the regular nursery activities, children also have the opportunity to enjoy the following
class activities:

Junior Chef
Simple Science/Fun Experiments
Show and tell
Library and story time
Gym Time
Music education
Outdoor play

The spacious classrooms allow many different activities to run simultaneously and the day is structured so that the children get used to a daily routine that includes snack time, free play, organized activity, arts and crafts and outdoor play.

The nursery has 8 outdoor play areas. These areas are shaded, with soft tile flooring and each incorporates a theme, allowing for more learning through play.

Three indoor play areas, a library room, an activity room and an indoor gym provide the children with even more areas to explore.

Our optional afternoon club is offered until 4pm daily, and is a scheduled afternoon that includes typical activities as well as four language classes per week. Choice of languages is between Spanish or French, and between Mandarin or Arabic.

Seashells nursery also organizes fieldtrips to various destinations in Dubai for the children and parents to enjoy together.

After school activities are offered at the facility between 12:30pm and 2pm. These include soccer, gymnastics, basketball and languages.

The annual Special Events, are a fun time for children, parents and staff. These include concerts, art exhibits, sports days, UAE day celebrations, and many more.